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#239: Stop Dreading Christmas

Somewhere along the line, this "most wonderful time of the year" overwhelms us, making our souls feel both stuffed and empty.  Want to bring back the wonder of Christmas? We can help. Grab your cocoa and listen in.

Guests: Asheritah Ciuciu & Hannah Nitz

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  • Mandee Crawford

    Mandee Crawford

    So funny how this is today's topic as I have been telling people how I dread Christmas and I'm not a Christmas person. I'm like you Juli, I dislike how commercialized it is. These days many celebrate the amount the spend on the gifts given or how much the gift received cost. It's more about stuff and less about Jesus. It's time to change that!!!! I do however wish to have some of the joy that Hannah experiences this time of year. Ive actually felt the need to pull out my Christmas tree early this year. Love you ladies!




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