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#235: How the Purity Movement Hurt Us

"I always thought that if I did everything the way God told us to, then I would be blessed, I would be happy and I would have a good marriage. That was decidedly not the case."  Well-meaning parents and youth pastors promised marital bliss if you could only make it to the altar as a virgin. For many, the promise didn't deliver. In this episode, Juli brings truth and compassion to the imperfect purity message of the 90s. 

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  • Lisa


    I teach teenage girls at my church. One of the things I want them to know is to avoid situations that put them at high risk for sexual assault. But I also want them to understand that it is never their fault if they are assaulted. How can I help them understand both sides?
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Hi Lisa ~ that's a great question! You might find some resources at Dannah Gresh's organization Pure Freedom or Secret Keeper Girl. We also had a conversation with Boz Tchividjian on Java with Juli episode #232, his organization GRACE ( helps churches prevent abuse and honorable respond to abuse allegations. You might find some resources there. Hope this is helpful!




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