Java with Juli is a fresh, relevant, and conversational new podcast wrestling with women’s questions about relationships and intimacy.

It is NOT your traditional Christian podcast! No topics or questions are too challenging or risky to discuss. Nothing is taboo, but all is biblically-based and God-honoring. If you tune in, you’ll find that we openly chat about things many women wonder but don’t know where, or who, to go to for honest answers. We embrace a casual & multi-generational feel that has listeners imagining that they’re also “at the table.”

Why We Need to End Our Obsession with Christian Barbie

Barbie has been in the news lately. For 57 years, this plastic woman has projected the ideal and unattainable image for American girls. Now Mattel has introduced three new versions of Barbies: petite, tall, and curvy. While we wrestle with the body image presented by Barbie, the struggle of what it means to be a woman goes much deeper. Cultural expectations and Christian projections of what a woman “should be” make us feel insecure and uncomfortable in our own skin. Join Dr. Juli Slattery and her guests at the coffee shop for a candid discussion about the ideal Christian woman, and ask the question “Is this God’s standard or someone else’s?”

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Why You Need to Address Pornography In Your Marriage and Home

Every wife and mother have a common enemy: pornography. It destroys sexual intimacy with our husbands. It robs our children of their innocence. It is a threat to our families and our culture—but not to our God! This week, Dr. Doug Weiss of Heart to Heart Counseling Center joins Dr. Juli Slattery to discuss practical ways you can address pornography in your home. You’ll hear how God exposes addiction and weakness so that He can bring freedom and healing. Don’t miss this bold truth and rich conversation on Java with Juli!

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How Sexual Differences in Marriage Can Make You a Better Lover

“Lord, I’ll do anything –but just not that!” Giving yourself completely, asking for what you need, and being vulnerable in the bedroom are things that many of us would rather not do. The sexual differences between you and your husband are just too great—some things feel safer left unsaid. But what if those differences could become the change agents that bring you closer together? What if addressing your differences not only brought you greater intimacy but better sex too? Would you be willing to step out of your comfort zone? If you’re ready to be brave, join Juli, Linda, and Hannah at the coffee shop and hear how your sexual differences in marriage can actually make YOU a better lover.

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How Christians Can Respond to the Orlando Tragedy

The recent shooting at the gay night club Pulse was a national tragedy –the likes of which often bring mourning human beings together. So, why were Christians’ condolences rebuffed by the LGBT community? Like many, you may feel lost about how to respond to LGBT issues. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to avoid your gay coworker or neighbor because you don’t know what to say. You can love them despite your differences. On today’s Java with Juli, join Dr. Juli Slattery and her guest, Dr. Christopher Yuan, to learn how you can and why you should.

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How Separation Can Strengthen Your Marriage

Separation is often the last step before divorce. But what if it was the first step toward reconciliation instead? By the time someone moves out, one or both spouses are typically angry, emotional, and at the end of their rope. Divorce feels like the only option --but it's not. God is able to heal and restore even the most devastated marriages! On today’s Java with Juli, Dr. Juli Slattery sits down with Dr. Gary Chapman to discuss how couples can use separation as a time of rest, reflection and counsel.

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